Mechanics Apron. Made from locally sourced Kojima denim, manufactured in Japan by Betty Smith. This is a TODA original design, designed to meet the requirements of our experienced mechanics with the main focus on vehicle maintenance. Minimal use of metal fastenings and strategic placement of pockets help to prevent scratching of your car. Long waist straps and adjustable neck strap make it easy to adjust to your body regardless of gender or body size. This product is hard wearing but matures in a way only tough denim can. Not only for your vehicle maintenance, this apron is a must for outdoor camping or yardwork at the weekend as well!!

TODA Racings head office is located in the city of Kurashiki which also has the title of Ťity of Textiledue to its number one position of high valve yearly shipments. Kojima specifically is known as the birth place of domestically manufactured jeans. From 1962, Betty Smith became the first domestic company to manufacture lady's jeans, along with other products continues to make to this day.
TODA RACING Mechanics Apron
Part No. 99900-DNM-003
Price ¥5,980
Country of Origin Japan