Camshaft, Valve Spring, Oil Pump, Inner Shim KIT
What other parts do I need to use a VTEC Killer High Power Profile Camshaft?
Rocker arm plugs, rocker arm spacers, and up rated valve springs are necessary in valve operating system, and we recommend Sports Injection KIT. Also a programmable ECU is necessary to control the engine.
What is the best valve timing for High Power Profile Camshaft?
It depends on cam profile and engine specification. Please use reference data in the enclosed instruction as a base to start from.
Stock valve springs can be used with High Power Profile Camshaft?
Stock valve springs can NOT be used with High Power Profile Camshaft except for 3SG(SXE10) IN:268(12.0) EX:264(11.0). Please use Up Rated Valve Springs helping to prevent valve floating valve bounce and spring surging.
Can I use High Power Profile Camshaft with standard pistons?
Yes. Please make sure the clearance between pistons and valves is enough in installing.
Does High Power Profile Camshaft work with stock ECU?
Some of the mildest camshafts will idle with stock ECU. In order to have the best performance of the camshafts, valve timing adjustment and ECU setting will be required along with the use of a high compression piston.
What compression ratio will be required when High Power Profile Camshaft is used?
The recommended compression ratio for B16A engine is listed below. Depending on the camshaft profile, Sport Injection Kit (ITB) and programmable ECU are required.

*** B16A Reference Data ***
A MID (290/280): 12.0
B MID (295/285): 12.0~12.5
C MID (295/295): 12.5
VTEC Killer MID (295/285): 12.0~12.5
VTEC Killer MID (305/295): 12.5
VTEC Killer MID (305/305): 12.5~13.0
Does High Power Profile Camshaft work with stock single throttle?
Some of the mild profile camshafts can be used with stock throttle, but aggressive camshafts and VTEC killer camshafts require Sports Injection KIT (ITB).
How can I choose the appropriate camshaft for my engine use?
Typically more aggressive camshafts will shift the powerband to higher rpm. This means that you will be more power at the top end, but the torque at low rpm will be sacrificed. The camshaft profile should be chosen depending on use. When you use aggressive camshafts, you will need to be aware of the following things.

  • Sport Injection Kit (ITB) and ECU setting are required due to the very unstable nature of the airflow.
  • As there is less piston to valve clearance, Adjustable Cam Pulley is required instead of a stock VVT pulley.
  • Appropriate higher compression ratio is required.
Up Rated Valve Springs can be used with stock camshafts?
Yes, we recommend it to improve valve following capability in high RPM and prevent valve surging.
How much RPM can Up Rated Valve Springs hold up to?
It depends on vehicle model. Basically up to 1,000 RPM over the manufacturers set rev limit for that vehicle will be ok. But running conditions and vehicle specifications can also affect this performance. Please use this information as a guide only..
Up Rated Valve Springs are all progressive pitch coil springs?
Yes, they are all progressive pitch coil springs except for the SR20.
Is the capacity of the Heavy Duty Oil Pump higher than the stock oil pump?
No, it is the same. Heavy Duty Oil Pump is made from stronger material to help prevent pump and engine damage at high RPM.
Can I order spring retainers only in Inner Shim KIT?
Yes, each part can be ordered separately.
How can I specify the size of the shim when ordering shims for Inner Shim KIT separately?
You can specify in two decimal places (mm) from the available range. Considering the measurement difference, we ship a slightly thicker size so that customers could adjust to the required size by themselves.
Is B6/BP High Power Profile Camshaft allowed to be used with stock lash adjuster (HLA)?
No, HLA can not be used. The camshaft design is significantly different between HLA and solid lifter. You can not use our Locked Lash Adjuster kit or Inner Shim Kit with the stock camshaft as well.
Piston, Con-rod, Head Gasket
Does Toda Racing F20C piston work with stock FRM block?
Yes, you can use with stock FRM block.
Does Toda Racing forged piston work with big valves?
The valve pocket design is different depending on the engine type. Please contact for the detail. Basically, our piston is designed with the stock valve size.
Can I order piston rings as a replacement part?
Yes, piston rings, piston pins, and pin clips can be purchased separately.
Why Toda Racing makes I beam connecting rods?
I beam design has the following advantages.
*This does not mean other designs are inferior.

  • Enabling lightness and high rigidity in higher level
  • Obtaining equable pressure to con-rod bearings
How much clearance between pistons and valves is necessary?
IN:more than 1.5mm and EX:more than 2.0mm are recommended in considering synchronization error of crankshaft and camshaft caused by any stretch or allowance of timing belt or chains.
Is it possible to layer two head gaskets in use?
Our head gasket is designed to be used in a single. Layering two head gaskets will cause trouble.
Flywheel, Clutck Kit
Stock clutch covers and discs can be used with Ultra Light Weight Chrome-molly Flywheel?
Yes, Ultra Light Weight Chrome-molly Flywheels are designed with the original features included so that they can be used with stock clutch covers and clutch discs.
How much extra H.P. and torque can the strengthened clutch cover and disc take?
It somewhat depends on the model, but the Sports Disc KIT is designed with a 20-30% performance improvement compared with stock parts.
What is the difference between High Power Single Clutch KIT and Sports or Metallic Disk KIT?
High Power Single Clutch KIT is specifically designed for racing, and reducing inertia with the small clutch disc and thin model metallic facing. As for the cover, light weight material is used with high pressure bonding power. It is the best for the purpose to get better lap time in a circuit. For the customers concerning durability and handleability, we recommend to use Sports or Metallic Clutch KIT.
What is the required torque to tighten flywheel bolts?
Please refer to the manufacturer's service manual.
Sports Injection Kit
What injectors can I use with the Sports Injection KIT? What about stock injectors?
Yes, the Sports Injection KIT is designed so that stock injectors can be used. In case that the flow rate is not enough and you would change injectors, please make sure that the new injectors are compatible in shape with the stock items of your car.
What other parts do I need to prepare to install Sports Injection KIT?
Fuel regulators and fuel return hoses need to be prepared. Fuel injectors may be necessary to be changed depending on model and/or tuning volumes. Also a programmable ECU is needed to control the engine.
Can I Sport Injection KIT with stock ECU?
No, stock ECU can not be used. You need a programmable ECU to control the engine.
What does it change if I use air trumpets with different lengths in my Sports Injection KIT?
It's difficult to say that longer or shorter trumpets are better. But basically longer air trumpets tend to get more torque. Some vehicle models do not have enough space in an engine and long air trumpets can not be installed.
Which type of FIGHTEX Damper is damping adjustable?
All types are 18 step damping adjustable. As for separate tank types (ST/EX/EX-G), damping can be adjusted in bump and rebound independently. For more information, please take a look at "FEATURES 2: Seven Types for All Tastes".
Can you give me any advice as to purchasing a FIGHTEX Damper kit (or overhauling, specification change) about cost, type, spring rate, recommended car height, etc?
Sure. Feel free to contact us. You can also change spring rates and/or damping force when you order.
How much can I lower the vehicle from OEM height?
It depends on vehicle models, but typically you can lower 30 to 40mm. Please contact for the detail.
What engine oil viscosity should I use?
We recommend high performance race grade engine oil with 50 for the high temperature viscosity such as 5W-50, 10W-50, etc. To prevent any troubles at high temperature condition, we suggest accommodating a certain amount of friction loss. Thinner oil provides less friction loss, but you will have more possibility to wear cylinders. We do not suggest using thinner engine oil for sports use.
What are the proper water and oil temperature range at track use?
75 to 85 degrees C for the water and 90 to 110 degrees C for the oil will be the standard temperature range. To avoid engine bearing problems that can cause a serious engine failure, you need to strictly maintain the proper temperature range.