Inner-shim KIT removing weight from the moving parts of the valve train reduces inertia and friction allowing the engine to rev higher.
Toda Racing now add a B spec Inner-Shim KIT for high lift camshafts more than10.1mm.

-Shims sold separately ¥@600 (1.5~3.0mm)
-The kit contains standard size shims, but on occasion other size shims will be required to create the required gap, these are sold separately.
4AG (4valve) Inner Shim KIT B-spec
Part No. 14730-4AG-B00
Price ¥115,000
Remarks Up to 12.5mm lift

Inner Shim B-spec Upgrade Set can be purchased separately and retrofitted for those already running the TODA regular Inner Shim KIT.
4AG (4valve) Inner Shim KIT B-spec Upgrade Set
Part No. 14750-4AG-B0S
Price ¥52,000
Remarks Valve springs and valve seats only