Lowers the rear ride height by an extra 30mm compared to TODA’s std rear pillow ball upper mount. (Distance between fitting points of the fightex damper and the pillow upper mount is reduced by 24.3mm.)
30mm ride height has some difference from dampers' height by lower arm lever ratio.

For example, Fightex Type FS. This Damper kit can now be fitted to reduce the rear ride height by 60mm (Compared to standard ride height) but still retaining an acceptable damper stroke length.
(7K-200 ID60 springs used)

Can be used with DA type dampers, too.
High quality MBWT18 pillow balls are used.
NB6C/NB8C (ROADSTER) Low Down Pillow-ball Upper Mount for Rear
Part No. 52675-NB6-000
Price ¥27,000 (L&R common/set)
Remarks Reducing the ride height of the rear suspension may require a change in length of the front damper. Please contact us if considering purchasing a fightex damper kit with this “Low down pillow ball upper mountE