TODA Exhaust Manifold 4-1 spec was released again by strong request of customers.
*Pipe material is changed into stainless steel from steel.

-A bench test (Equal length 4-1) design
Ø42.7mm →Ø60mm
-Racing high flow junctions design
The section of the manifold has optimized pipe lengths, diameters, and angles as well as high flow junctions. (An adherence of craftsman is in internal specification)
-With the service adapter for A/F sensor (O2 sensor bosses of original are provided)
-Made of light weight stainless steel for both durability and looks
-Flange manufactured by high precision machining center
(Flange exhaust port diameter:Ø37mm)
-Standard catalyst can be used

Racing High Flow Junction
4AG (AE86) Exhaust Manifold 4-1 Spec (4-1 SUS)

Engine type

4AG (AE86)
Part No. 18100-860-0S1
Price ¥170,000
Size <Equal length 4-1> Ø42.7mm → Ø60mm
Remarks 20V exhaust stud bolt pattern is compatible.
In use with 4AG 20V engine, the clearance between the side of the exhaust flange and a water outlet may not be enough.
*Metal exhaust gasket is sold separately.
*This product is for right hand drive vehicle.