K20A (FD2) CIVIC TypeR
A study of design and without compromise TODA High Power Muffler is a genuine TODA Racing performance item.
-Straight tail style titanium end pipe
Straight tail style titanium end pipe has been designed to reduce over hanging weight and to give improved looks. Blue heat treatment giving a hard worked racing image. With the end receiving special treatment to prevent cracking.
-Stainless steel & straight diameter system
The internal design is based around a constant Ø60 pipe, with no bends or restrictions the engine is able to breath more freely so releasing more power.
-3 piece design
Handling easier due to compact 3 piece design.
(Stainless) Center pipe Ø60 mm + (Titanium) Tail pipe Ø100 mm/Straight tail.

K20A (FD2) High Power Muffler System

Engine type

K20A (FD2)
Part No. 18000-FD2-00L
Price ¥150,000
Weight 13.3kg