Toda Racing is pleased to announce the release of a new type of head gasket for F20/F22C engines.

Shim Stopper Head Gasket has the advantage of distributing the pressure to the entire surface of the engine head and block. This high-performance head gasket is more "friendly" to the engines, and it shows less aggression to the contact surface and decreases the opportunity to distort the cylinder bore compared with High Stopper Head Gasket.

This feature also allows the minimum level of resurfacing at engine overhaul and brings more opportunity for longer life of engine blocks and heads. The sealing capability of water and oil line holes is also improved by optimized rib alignment.

Shim Stopper Head Gasket can be used with general modified N/A engines. For the condition with more stress such as ultra-high compression specification or turbo/supercharged application, High Stopper Head Gasket with more sealing performance should be considered.
F20C/F22C Shim Stopper Metal Head Gasket

Engine type

F20C/F22C (S2000)
Part No. 12251-F20-K08 12251-F20-K11
Price ¥19,000 ¥19,000
Thickness 0.8mm 1.1mm
Bore size ø88.0mm ø88.0mm