FA20 Light Weight Front Pulley KIT
Developed to give lighter and sportier engine characteristic. By reducing the overall weight (and inertia) of the pulleys, and by modifying the alternator pulley ratio to take advantage of the more sporty use, the burden on the engine is reduced helping to improve acceleration performance. A standard length belt is provided. Installing with a new belt is important to help improve the running in process of the new pulleys. Duralumin A-7075 is used as a material, and these pulleys are red anodized. Based on our comparizon data, improvement in performance about 3 - 10 HP was confirmed.
Color variation
You can customize Light Weight Front Pulley KIT with special color with additional ¥20,000 when you order.
(Extra 3 weeks are required in production.)
FA20 Light Weight Front Pulley KIT
Type With air conditioner
Parts No. 13810-FA2-HAC
Price ¥52,000
Remarks Including belt (standard length)
CAUTION: This product is verified to produce enough power to the battery in most cases. But during idle condition, the amount of generated electricity could be less than required. When you idle for a while, please be careful not to use multiple electric devices at the same time such as the air conditioner, head lights, etc to keep enough charge to the battery.