*With 88mm long trumpets
*Fuel injectors not included

An individual throttle for each cylinder. Gives super response, and improvements through out the rev range to both power and torque.

3SG(SXE10) Sports Injection KIT
(Throttle valve size: Ø50mm)

Engine Type

Part No. 17100-3SG-503 17100-3SG-506 17100-3SG-508
Price ¥300,000 <Made to order>
Trumpet 33mm 63mm 88mm
*Fuel injectors are not included.
- Designed to use STD shape SXE10 injectors: Aftermarket higher fuel rate injectors are required. Due to different tuning requirements, we are not able to specify injectors to be used.
- Stock air flow meter can not be used with this kit. Aftermarket ECU is required, as well as a modified wire harness.
- The kit shown in the above images is only provided. Customers need to have technical knowledge to set up a high performance multi bodied injection kit.