Sports Injection

TODA Sports Injection KIT

All production is done in house and high standard of quality is assured.

TODA sports injection KIT improves engine response and power output, through the use of individual throttle body per cylinder. Not only for power improvement at high rev, TODA sports injection is a fine tuning of the injection system which also brings benefits of power gain in low to mid ranges and smooth idling compared to single throttle system (ECU setting required).

Super response -The improvement of the accelerator response due to a reduction in volume of air within the manifold
Increased power
(Improvement in aspiration efficiency)
-Same length intake
-Free flowing intake ports
-Large volume of throttle bodies in total
-Airflow bench tested trumpets
Bottom & mid range torque increase -Prevention of cylinder to cylinder breathing interference
-Effective injector positioning
NOTE: TODA Sports Injection KIT does not work with standard ECU.

4AG (4 valve) Sports Injection KIT
4AG (5 valve) Trumpet Retainer
4AG (5 valve) Super Flow Trumpet
3SG (SXE10) Sports Injection KIT
FA20 (TOYOTA 86) Big Single Throttle
F20C/F22C S2000
F20C (S2000) Sports Injection KIT
F20C (S2000) Sports Injection KIT (Dry Carbon Super Flow Trumpet)
F20C/F22C (S2000) Dry Carbon High Power Surge Tank
F20C (AP1) Big Single Throttle
F20C (AP1) Regulator Set Plate
F22C (AP2) Big Single Throttle
C30A/C32B/C35B NSX
C30A/C32B/TODA C35B Sports Injection KIT
K20A (EP3/DC5) Sports Injection KIT
K20A (CL7) Sports Injection KIT
K20A (FD2) Sports Injection KIT
K20A (FD2) Hybrid Pedal KIT
K20A (FD2) Big Single Throttle
K20A (DC5/EP3/CL7/FD2) Dry Carbon High Power Surge Tank
FD2 (CIVIC TypeR) High Flow Intake KIT
B16A/B16B/B18C-R Sports Injection KIT
B18C Sports Injection KIT
B18C/B16A/B16B (DC2/EG6) Dry Carbon High Power Surge Tank
B16B-R/B18C-R Regulator Set Plate
S07A S660
S07A (JW5) Big Single Throttle
Sports Injection Parts List
Super Flow Trumpet
Straight Shape Super Flow Trumpet
Dry Carbon Super Flow Trumpet
NSX/S2000/DC5/EP3/CL7/FD2 Air Filter & Trumpet SUS Mesh Cover
Universal Fitting/Dry Carbon Made F20C High Power Surge Tank (Blank back plate)
Universal Fitting/Dry Carbon Made K20A High Power Surge Tank (Blank back plate)
Sports Injection Body KIT 50mm/45mm
FA20 (SUBARU BRZ) Big Single Throttle