Inlet outer diameter 80mm (inner diameter: 77.5mm). Dry Carbon made.
(Weight: 750g)

- Can be used with TODA Sports Injection KIT.
- "Camloc" fastener used. Also used in GT.
- O-ring used to make air tight and resistant to vibration damage.
- Whole dry carbon body cool, light and tough.

Adjustment type lever lock fastener
O-ring to make air tight and to resist vibration damage
*The image of the 33mm long trumpet.
Tank depth limits the trumpet length to 33mm.
BP (NA8C/NB8C) Dry Carbon High Power Surge Tank
Engine Type BP (NA8C/NB8C)
Part No. 17110-BP0-00D
Price ¥120,000
Remarks This product can be used with 33mm trumpets only.