*With 88mm long trumpets
*Fuel injectors not included

Toda Racing is pleased to announce the release of Sports Injection KIT for the Mazda BP engine. The throttle valve size is 45mm, and the trumpet length has 3 choices.

An individual throttle for each cylinder. Gives super response, and improvements through out the rev range to both power and torque.
BP (NA8C/NB8C) Sports Injection KIT
(Throttle valve size: Ø45mm)

Engine Type

Part No. 17100-BP0-453 17100-BP0-456 17100-BP0-458
Price ¥398,000
Trumpet 33mm 63mm 88mm
  • Fuel injectors are not included. (Designed to use with stock injectors.)
  • The parts shown in the above images are only provided. Hoses, fittings, and wires need to prepared.
  • This products does not work with standard ECU.
    The installation by a shop with technical knowledge to set up a individual throttle body kit is required.
  • The stock NB ISCV unit can be used for the ISCV Tank KIT. ISCV Tank KIT is sold separetely.
  • The intake manifold is machined by a high precision machining center. Additional outputs for negative pressure from each ports are included.
  • The brake master vacuum will be connected to the line where every port is joined, and helping to boost negative pressure.
  • ISCV Tank KIT is recommended for smooth idle in any condition.