F20C(S2000) Sports Injection KIT (Dry Carbon Super Flow Trumpet)
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For further improvement, the inside of intake manifolds are machined. This modification enables smooth surface and straight connection with cylinder head, which helps to improve performance.

*The cylinder head on the images is ported by us.
*Intake gasket is not placed for clear vision of inside.
An individual throttle for each cylinder. Gives super response, and improvements through out the rev range to both power and torque.
F20C (S2000) Sports Injection KIT (Dry Carbon Super Flow Trumpet)
Throttle valve size: Ø50mm

Engine Type

Part No. 17100-F20-208-C
Price ¥310,000
Throttle valve size ø50mm
Trumpet 88mm
*Delivery pipe designed to be used with standard F20C/AP1 injector nozzle size.
*Please ask for the use for AP2 in advance.

*Injectors are not included.
*The specification is the same as F20C(S2000) Sports Injection KIT except for trumpets.