ISCV unit is included in KIT
ISCV unit TODA Sports Injection KIT with ISCV unit layout
ISCV(Idle Speed Control Valve) Tank KIT for TODA Sport Injection KIT
*Auxiliary equipment which stabilizes an idling according to electric load or air-conditioner load.

In order to get the better driving to fit various situations for customers request, TODA ISCV tank kit is released.
The vacuum hose was designed as short as possible and the quick response was made possible. The kit equipped with HONDA type ISCV valve. In the case of installations, some modification to intake manifold may be required. Moreover, it may need any readjustment to current ECU.
Since this product serves as only a mechanical additional part, please ask it to the garage who has installed TODA Sport Injection KIT about inquiries of adjustment and attachment.
Part No. 17115-000-000
Price ¥69,000