FA20 Tensioner & Idler Pulley KIT
Light Weight Front Pulley KIT for the FA20 has received a good reputation, TODA Racing have now added a Light Weight Idler Pulley set to complement the front pulley kit. Recommended for thoughts who have already installed the TODA Light Weight Pulley Kit. Or for thoughts wanting to keep the original pulley ratio for high load applications such as superchargers, were increased strength idler pulleys can help. These idler pulleys are a direct replacement for the standard pulleys. Made from A7075 duralumin and given a hard anodized (Alumite) coating.
Color variation
You can customize Light Weight Front Pulley KIT with special color with additional ¥20,000 when you order.
(Extra 3 weeks are required in production.)
FA20/FA24 Tensioner & Idler Pulley KIT
Parts No. 31170-FA2-000
Price ¥40,000